jeudi 31 mars 2016

dimanche 27 mars 2016

Korcula. CROATIA

Korčula is a historic fortified town on the protected east coast of the island of Korčula, in Croatia, in the Adriatic.
The old city is surrounded by walls, and the streets are arranged in a herringbone pattern allowing free circulation of air but protecting against strong winds. Korčula is tightly built on a promontory that guards the narrow sound between the island and the mainland. Building outside the walls was forbidden until the 18th century.
Photos from October 2015

mercredi 23 mars 2016

Fine Arts (2). ANDALUSIA

Fabolous artwork from many different centuries, on Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada. Photos from 2013

dimanche 20 mars 2016

Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. ARGENTINA

Los Glaciares National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site, is the second largest national park in the country, housing a representative sample of the Magellanic Subpolar Forest and western Patagonian Steppe biodiversity in good state of conservation.
The park's name refers to the giant ice cap in the Andes range, the largest outside of Antarctica and Greenland. Due to the size of the ice cap, these glaciers begin at only 1,500 m (4,900 ft), sliding down to 200 m (660 ft).
Photos from October 2014
1. / 2. / 3. Perito Moreno Glacier

4. Piedras Blancas Glacier
5./ 6. Upsala Glacier
7. Cerro Fitz Roy 

jeudi 17 mars 2016

Doors and Windows from ARMENIA

Photos from Summer 2015 in the ancient monasteries of Haghpat, Noravank, Tatev, Sevanavank, Goshavank and Khor Virap.

lundi 14 mars 2016

vendredi 11 mars 2016

Pergamon Museum, Berlin, GERMANY

The Pergamon Museum (German: Pergamonmuseum) is situated on the Museum Island in Berlin. It houses original-sized, reconstructed monumental buildings such as the Ishtar Gate from abilonia (Photo 4 and 5), the Pergamon Altar and the Market Gate of Miletus (Photo 3), consisting of parts transported from Turkey.
Photos from October 2015