mardi 12 septembre 2017


3 days stay on this marvelous city that you should totally avoid in August. Photos from August 2017.


samedi 9 septembre 2017

jeudi 31 août 2017


Photos from Summer 2017
1. Santiago de Compostela
2. Loiba, Rias Altas 
3. Pontevedra
4. Rias Bajas
5. Orense
6. Pulpo à Feira
7. Cabo Home lightohouse and view over Islas Cies, Rias Bajas
8. Platorms from the farming of mussels, oysters and scallops in Rias Bajas
9. Combarro
10. Isla de Arousa
11. Costa Artabra, Rias Altas
12. Satiago de Compostela
13. La Coruna
14. Ria de Vigo
15. Praia das Catedrais

mardi 4 juillet 2017

National Parks from Western USA

Photos fom Summer 1995:
Grand Canyon North Rib

Zion Canyon

Monument Valley

Lake Powell

Bryce Canyon

Yosemite waterfalls

Grand Canyon, Colorado River

Death Valley
Road 66

Grand Canyon South Rib