mardi 20 décembre 2011

Sibiu, Transilvania. ROMANIA

Charming medieval town, visited in 2002.

jeudi 15 décembre 2011

Pisaq Market. PERU

Small but very colorful market in all southamerican tradition. Summer 2009

lundi 12 décembre 2011

Cape of Good Hope. SOUTHAFRICA

Windy landscapes at the southern end of Africa, right on the border between the Atlantic and the Indic oceans…

vendredi 9 décembre 2011

Rivers of Castilla. SPAIN

1. The Duero in Zamora
2. The Duero in Soria
3. The Tormes in Salamanca
4. The Tormes in Alba de Tormes
5. The Tormes near Alba de Tormes / 6. The Arlanzon in Burgos

mardi 6 décembre 2011

Chobe National Park. BOTSWANA

Animals everywhere by the River Chobe, one of the most visited parks of southern Africa.

vendredi 2 décembre 2011


Jewel of the mayan empire, this impressive megalopolis reached its peak on the IX century, with a population of about 90.000 habitants. Tikal was mysteriously abandoned around the year 950, as most of the cities of the classical period. Vegetation swallowed all it up but its ceremonial center and many of the surrounding buildings have been uncovered.
Photos from 1998: First one is the archifamous panorama from Temple IV and second photo is one of the temples of the main square, just after sunset.

jeudi 1 décembre 2011

Eilean Donan Castle. SCOTLAND

The building of the most photographed (and cinematographed) Scottish castle started on the early 13th century. It was left abandoned at the 18th century and become a ruin, up until its restoration in the beginning of the 20th century.