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mardi 25 mars 2014

Duomo, Pisa, ITALY

The Duomo, the medieval cathedral of the Archdiocese of Pisa, is a five-naved cathedral with a three-naved transept. Its Construction began in 1064 by the architect Busketo, and set the model for the distinctive Pisan Romanesque style of architecture.
The Baptistery, largest one in Italy, stands opposite the west end of the Duomo. The round Romanesque building was begun in the mid 12th century.  
The building of the bell tower, commonly known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, started  in 1173 and took place in three stages over the course of 177 year. Five years after construction began, when the building had reached the third floor level, the weak subsoil and poor foundation led to the building sinking on its south side. By the time the building was completed, the lean was approximately 1 degree, or 80 cm (2.5 feet) from vertical. At its greatest, measured prior to 1990, the lean measured approximately 5.5 degrees. As of 2010, the lean was reduced to approximately 4 degrees.

Photos from Summer 2013.

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mardi 18 mars 2014

Fine Arts from MOROCCO

Photos in November 2012
1. / 2. Telouet

3. Kasbah de Taourirt, Ouarzazate

4. Marrakech Museum

5. Medersa Ben Youssef , Marrakech
6. Marrakech Museum / 7. Palais de la Bahia, Marrakech

samedi 15 mars 2014


Photos from Februarry 2013
1. Leyleguel

2. Sireyah

3. Gueme Sangan

mercredi 12 mars 2014


Some shots taken in 2003 on this beautiful castillian city, showing the Cathedral, the Hostal San Marcos and the Plaza Mayor.

dimanche 9 mars 2014

Elim Dune. NAMIBIA

Photos from Summer 2011 on the Namib desert.

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Tapestries from the Royal palace of Pau. FRANCE

The present château de Pau was built by Gaston Fébus, Viscount of Béarn and Count of Foix in the late fourteenth century and received the Kingdom of Navarre since the fifthteen century. Now it contains major collections dedicated to Henry IV, who was born there in 1553. It’s the biggest tapestry museum outside Paris. Photos from 2012